What is hypernet®?

hypernet is a secure internet community focused on providing your family with quality educational resources. Access to this information is done via a secure portal which allows each family member to surf and retrieve important information within a safe environment.

An example of these services include:

* Safe surfing - Customizable age dependant profiles blocks unwanted sites
* Controlled content for browsing and communication within hypernet - Enforced time restrictions for using the computer
* Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus filtered content
* Free SoftPhone (Glooip®) calls within the Global hypernet Community 


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How does hypernet® work?

Upon logging into hypernet, students will be automatically connected to a secure community network, where they will gain access to secure educational content, music and films. Student website access is determined by their parents or school personnel, who select the types of website categories permissible for viewing.


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hypermail is a web based centralized, policy driven secure email system for the educational market. hypermail is a service within the hypernet Cloud and requires no installation or desktop encryption software and is so easy to use that no end-user training is required. hypermail offers schools central and secure storage of email messages including journaling and secure archiving.


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hypernet® Learn

Complete, user-friendly and efficient learning

Our hypernet® Learn service is focused on the students' goals and performance. It supports teachers in planning of lessons and assignments as well as in evaluation of assignments, on group and individual level - all based on national goals or standards defined by the school authorities.

hypernet® Learn provides teachers with a great performance overview and all the necessary support related to grade warnings, action programs and meetings with students and guardians. The greatest benefit for teachers is the support in the evaluation process throughout the year. With hypernet® Learn we provide an essential tool for teachers to evaluate and assess students in a structured way, which will increase the pedagogical efficiency and performance over time.


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