About IST

This is Us!

Together with our users we develop digital solutions for a better way of learning.

We love school!

Our vision is to create the best opportunities for everyone to learn more. Together, we create the best conditions for learning – today and in the future.

The leading edtech company 

For more than 35 years IST has contributed to the development of schools and a future where everyone can learn more.

Offering smart solutions and value-creating services in administration, learning and scheduling, we help schools and preschools meet their challenges and make the school day easier and more efficient for students, parents, teachers and school leaders.

At IST we believe that everyone has the right to a good schooling and that we should contribute to making it possible.

Driven by our intent to create the best tools for learning

IST was founded in Växjö, Sweden, in 1982 by Björn Sundeby, an energetic entrepreneur with clear vision and a strong business drive.

Today the company has hundreds of employees in multiple locations, most with a background as school leaders, teachers, educators or school administrators. This gives IST unique knowledge and insight into the challenges and opportunities that schools faces.

We learn from past experience. We support the educators of today. Most of all, we help create the leaders of tomorrow. Everyday.

Our four core values

HONEST – Being honest means you are trustworthy. You keep what you promise and only promise what you can keep. You can – and will want to! – be held accountable. To be honest also means that others will trust in you.

PROFESSIONAL – To be professional, you always keep the customers’ best interests in mind. You are confident and use your common sense. You prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and embrace positive change.

CREATIVE – Be creative. Be passionate. Share ideas, develop your thoughts, implement them into your work! Cooperate and communicate. Use the resources available to you. As a TwISTer, you know that boosting others will boost you.

RESOURCEFUL – You are capable of making the most of what you have. You believe in balance, and do not spend more than you have. By having a sustainable approach to each other, the planet and our bottom line, we will together ensure long-time success.

For a sustainable future

Our sustainability efforts can be broken down into initiatives, which together build a bridge between our core business, carbon footprint, software development and the 2030 sustainability agenda.