How hypernet® works

School children are not safe online. School administrators have the responsibility for keeping children safe while in school and Parents have the responsibility for keeping their children safe any time outside of school hours. This extends to what children do on the internet. 

One of the important goals when creating Hypernet was to provide school administrators and parents with easy to use web based tools to keep the children safe while still giving them age appropriate access to the internet. Especially important is to allow only age-appropriate sites to the school children. 

The hypernet Security system addresses this need and provides Parents and Schools with age adjusting Web filtering service (as a subscription). The Web filtering provides filtering based on site categorization (education, hate sites, extreme violence etc.). Filters are predefined for age range which parents and school administrators can change. 

URLs are also tracked and can if configured be reviewed by parents and school administrators who can visit the same sites and decide if they want to add the sites to the blocked sites for a child or for the family (or class or for age group. Reports on visited sites and blocked sites are per user or group of users are available also to print. (Parents can using the report functionality among other things monitor what social sites their children belong to and visit the sites that their children are members to make sure their privacy is ensured and that they represent themselves appropriately).

Settings for each child is controlled from a Web based Security Settings Page in the hypernet Portal but also available from the Glooip® Web site (for standalone Glooip® Clients). Parents can set up the whole family and the filters adjust to what user that authenticated to the Hypernet/Glooip® site. The same goes for schools where filters installed on each computer automatically adjusts for an age group when changed.


Upon logging into hypernet, students will be automatically connected to a secure community network, where they will gain access to secure educational content, music and films. Student website access is determined by their parents or school personnel, who select the types of website categories permissible for viewing.

Using the hypernet Softphone, parents will be able to communicate with teachers, administrators and other parents.